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"Huge thanks for all you have done. The sailing has been smooth with you at the helm. I recognise the incredible amount of time you have put into the project and I am very happy about taking the book to printing."
- Gwyn Williams | The Zen Of Touch

“A friend recommended PI Productions to me and said they were great and boy, was she right! If you know exactly what you want your book to look like, PI Productions are the self publisher for you. They not only have the expertise but, more importantly, are friendly, easy going, helpful, patient and understanding. Their customer service is impeccable, thank you PI Productions!"
- Principal Mentor Elissa Seib | Curious Kids Can

"Guiding You Through The Maze"

Printing your book

Every book project is different, as are the reasons for them being published. With guidance, patience and understanding, your book publishing dream can unfold with you understanding the process and being in control. It’s best not to rush this process called publishing; it’s a journey that has started for you and it can be quite daunting at first but my services will guide you through the maze.

With this in mind and based on the many books that I have self-published for their authors, the variable areas of the book are charged at an hourly rate. These areas are:

  • Overall design, cover and internal pages.
  • The number of author corrections.
  • The number of photos and the time required to create press ready files.

So if your corrections are kept to a minimum and your design style is minimal; without hundreds of images then the costs for this process will be reflective of it. These areas are discussed at length before the first design style starts.

I do have set fees for Printer Liaison, Design Styles and ISBN registration which will be based on my understanding of your book. Please inquire via email or phone for pricing.

The services available are:

  • Covers, spine and internal page design. Designed for your market, budget and style. The cover and internal design is established in the design styles for selection phase (outlined later).
  • Image adjustments and enhancements. From the basic that is required for the CMYK press ready printer parameters, to the complex image merging, retouching, blending and selected area density/colour changes. Any extensive work required is discussed and time estimates can be given. All images receive the basic press ready enhancements to ensure they look as good as the image quality will allow. Photoshopped for your market, budget and style.
  • My image collection. As my other passion is photography, I have a huge range of images that can be hired to you if required or I can even take photos for you. (Please inquire for more information.)
  • Extensive knowledge of self-publishing. I'm always happy to discuss any aspects of this maze including marketing with you. It’s a journey and I am happy to guide you through it at your pace.

Printer Liaison

Before a quote can be sourced for the printing of your book, the following information needs to be discussed and finalised:

  • Printing method; for a print run of up to 700 copies*, digital press is the most cost effective. For a print run of over 700 copies*, offset printing is more cost effective.
  • Paper quality and thickness (GSM). The quality of pictures and illustrations are affected by the paper quality.
  • Binding; perfect bound, saddle stick or section sewn. The design layout may vary based on the binding required.
  • Number of pages - the exact figure will be known on completion of layout process. The first quote will be based on the an estimate, a final quote is given when the exact number of pages is known.
  • The overall look and feel of the book you want to create.

*rough estimate, the printer's quote will determine this.

After all the above is discussed I will arrange a quote from a Printer based on your requirements. All printing costs are paid by you the author and as per the printer payment requirements.

A copy of the quote is forwarded to you for discussion. This price includes picking up books from the printer, but does not include delivery to your door; this can be arranged if you are unable to pick the books up.

Design styles for selection

After discussions about the cover’s look and feel, images are supplied or sourced and after I have read part of your book to get the feel of it, I will create a mock up for your front cover only; the spine and back cover are created later in the process and are based on factors that are not known at this early stage. All rough concepts are supplied as low-res .pdf files first and discussed followed by more .pdf files for viewing and discussion.

A section of internal pages are laid out to show different fonts, heading styles, indenting, first voice and second voice text. This phase is known as 'The Style Guide' and we will find out what looks best for your book. Files are supplied as low-res .pdf files.

The final cover design is then charged at an hourly rate after these discussions and the complexity of the design is understood.

ISBN registration and barcode

Arrange ISBN and barcode, register title with CIP National Library of Australia


3 copies of your book are mailed to the required libraries

You can of course do this yourself and I can guide you through this process.

Book assembly

The next step is to assemble your book after approval of the design style. All photographs and illustrations supplied will be modified and made press ready.

I will send low-res .pdf files during the assembly of your book, this can be chapter by chapter if you wish.

This process can go through many stages of corrections and is why I prefer to quote an hourly rate; this will reward you if you have done the really hard editing before I receive your words. If I quote per page then you will only have 2 attempts at changes before the author correction fee applies. I feel this is the fairest and easiest way to get your book printed.

When all corrections are made and you are satisfied with the words, design and layout then a final low-res .pdf file will be sent to you for your approval. After I have this in writing I then create a press ready .pdf file and send it to the printers.

Any author changes after this will incur additional printer fees.

I will then check the printer proofs (if applicable and quoted for) and discuss the proof with you.

Finally I'll oversee final printing, which is covered by the printer liaison fee.

I will keep you informed as to my hours and will be able to estimate the hours for the first layout once I am ¼ of the way through your book.

Please inquire via email or phone for pricing.


We issue 3 invoices:

  1. Includes Design styles, printer liaison and ISBN registration (if applicable). This is issued at the beginning and is payable after delivery of the low-res .pdf files.
  2. Issued at the completion of first layout design and assembly. At this stage the exact number of pages is known as is the total hours taken to complete this stage. Depending on the printer - this invoice can include the cost or proportion of the printers cost. You can pay the printer directly if you wish and I can arrange this with them. These costs and printer payment details, will be outlined before this invoice is issued.
  3. Final payment on completion and delivery of your books. This covers any author changes and any other changes that may have occurred.

If you require any further explanation, please contact me.